17 Summer 7s Rules

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2017 Summer 7s Rules

2017 EGU 7s Host Responsibilites and Guidelines
2017 Empire GU 7s Series Rules
2017 Northeast 7s Women's Championship Rules

USARs CIPP Transfer deadline is July 1. Do NOT wait until the last minute to transfer especially if you're planning on playing in round 1 or 2 of the Empire Series. Get the paperwork started.


Any collegiate athlete transferring to an EGU Senior club for Summer 7s competition will have their CIPP transfer fees waived. This is a new initiative through EGU in conjunction with USA Rugby. This continues EGUs longstanding tradition of assisting college players with the jump to senior Club rugby for the summer season. If any college athletes transferred for the 2017 summer season, Empire will refund the CIPP transfer fee ($45) for collegiate to senior club transfers. Save your receipts and email finance@empiregurugby.com with questions. 
General Information
EGU would like to remind all Clubs and their teams that for the Summer 7s Championship Series is only successful with their participation, enthusiasm, and awareness of competition rules.


* Encourage their Club referees to make themselves available to their Society for summer scheduling
* Be prepared to prove a competent touch judge for each game they  play (with the exception of the championship game, when referees will be utilized)
* Be a CIPP'ed club with liability insurance and know if all their CIPP rostered persons have adequate medical/health insurance per USAR requirements
* Know in advance how many games (win or lose) they are expected to play. All Empire divisions will play through to 8th place. Failure to play in games, especially in the consolation bracket, may subject Clubs/teams to EGU disciplinary action.
* Pay registration fees as far in advance as possible - expect online registration to close on Sunday the week of the event. This is so that schedules can be approved and sent to clubs earlier in the week, drop/adds are minimized, and teams can adequately plan their logistics.