2017-18 EGU Womens D1-D2 Playoffs

2017-18 Playoff Schedule

Challenge #5 v #6

4NOV2017 Semifinals (home team is the team with the higher seed)
SF#1- #1 vs #4
SF#2- #2 vs #3

* Challenge: #5 v NYRC

11NOV2017 Semifinals 
EGUD1: Winners of Semifinals

EGUD2: Losers of Semifinals
* Challenge #6 v NYRC

Crossver v NERFU

NCR3 / Atlantic North Championship

Regional Playoffs

USA Rugby Championship Weekend

Competition points are determined as follows.

Match Points
* 4 match points for a win 
* 2 match points for a tie
* 0 match points for a loss

Bonus Points
* 1 bonus point for scoring 4 tries or more in a match
* 1 bonus point for losing by 7 points or less in a match

Note: Forfeits are recorded to the team not responsible for the forfeit as a 20-0 win with a bonus point (5 competition points total).  Forfeiting team shall receive up to negative five (-5) points.