Board of Directors

Empire GU Rugby
P.O. Box 488, Bowling Green Station, New York, NY 10274

Board of Directors
Position  Name  Email 
President  Ken Pape
VP Operations  Sharon Berger  
VP Communications  Pat Moroney  
VP Finance  Rosalie MacGowan  
ED Men  Lex Maccubbin  
ED Women  Angela Corpus  
ED Sevens  Sean Horan  
ED Referees  Brad Kleiner  
Administrator  J.C. Whipple  
USA Rugby Delegates       
USA Rugby Delegate  Ken Pape   
USA Rugby Delegate (Alternate)  Michael Crafton   
CR Committee Reps     
Men's D2 Lex Maccubbin (Buffalo)   
Men's D3  Gary Heavner (Old Blue)   
Women's D1  Angela Corpus (Village Lions)   
Women's D3  Jennifer Jones (Monmouth)   
Referees  Brad Kleiner