EGU High Performance / Select Side Tryout

  • Jun 09,2016

Saturday, June 11
9am-9:45am: Athlete Check-In and Measurements which include
1. Height
2. Weight
3. Wingspan
4. Hand Size
5. Vertical Jump

10am-12:15pm: Physical and technical skill testing which include
1. 40m
2. Medicine ball toss
3. Illinois Agility
4. Track Tackle
5. Catch/Pass
6. Ruck Support

12:30pm: Yoyo endurance test
12:45-1:20pm: Lunch (All athletes provide own lunch)
1:30-3:30pm: Live Scrimmages
3:30-4pm: Individuals will be selected for positional skill work (Line outs, Box Kicks, etc.)

OPTIONAL COACHING SEMINAR 7:30-9:30pm: Come hear from USA Rugby Coaching staff and PRO Rugby staff  

Sunday June 12th

Empire Cup
* Men and Women competing for selections to the Empire GU All-Star squads
* USA Rugby Staff, Northeast Academy coaches and PRO Rugby staff to observe and help select the Empire Select sides

8:30am-10am - Training sessions for Men and Women
10:30am: Kick-Off. Using two fields. Men and women play at the same time, 20 minute periods
12:30-2pm: Lunch / Coaches debrief/selections meeting
2:00pm: Departure