EGU Launches New Website

  • Sep 09,2016
Empire GU today launched a upgraded website ( and platform that gives users an optimized experience like no other rugby union in the United States. The refresh of Empire GU's web home improves the user experience with a dynamic presence, enhanced graphics, easy to navigate tables and a mobile responsive design.

"We are excited to launch the new Empire GU website in line with the kickoff of the 2016-17 season," said Ken Pape, Empire GU President. "This will give our users an improved experience and the move to a mobile responsive site was important as over 70 percent of our visitors interact with us through a mobile platform."

SportLomo serves as the developer and host for Based in Castlebar, Mayo, Ireland, the company provides sports software, online registration tools and league and tournament management.

"Sportlomo is delighted to provide Empire GU with its new upgraded, mobile responsive website," said John Lee, Business Development for SportLomo. "Our relationship with Empire GU began in 2013 as our first U.S. customer. Since then, thanks to Empire, we have expanded across North America through the U.S. and Canada. We hope the new website provides a platform for Empire GU to keep its clubs, athletes and supporters informed and up to date."

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