New High Performance Program Unveiled by Empire GU

  • Apr 03,2017

Empire GU today announced the formation of a new High Performance program for both its Men’s and Women’s athletes. The announcement was made by Ken Pape, Empire GU President.

“We are excited to announce a new and improved Empire GU High Performance program,” said Pape. “This will better benefit and be more representative of our Men’s and Women’s athletes. The formation of this new program was the genesis of a lot of hard work and I thank those which provided their insight and leadership. We are confident this program will continue the growth of Empire GU as a leader within American rugby."

The Men’s HP program will be divided into four regions: New Jersey, New York City, Connecticut and Upstate. Each region will receive funding in total of $5,000 to cover competition, training and essentials. The Women’s program will encompass all female athletes within EGU and the program will be funded with $10,000 annually.
With the announcement, Pape also presented the Program Directors for the Men’s and Women’s programs. They are as follows: Bill Dobbs (New Jersey), Gary Heavner (New York City), David Lyme (Connecticut), Lex Maccubbin (Upstate) and James English (Women’s).

The Men's competition will be a round-robin and fixtures will be held May 21, 28 and June 3. The Empire Cup will feature the #1 and #2 seeds and be held at the home site of the #1 seed. The Women’s competition schedule is in process and will be announced at a later date.

Empire GU governs over 50 women's and men's senior rugby clubs and services over 1000 athletes in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. It is a geographic union within USA Rugby.