College Player Summer Transfers - 7s Series

  • Jun 05,2018

EGU again reimbursing clubs for college summer transfers

This summer, EGU will again reimburse member-clubs for EGU-related CIPP fees for college players transferring in for the summer.

EGU has worked with USA Rugby to streamline the transfer and reimbursement process. Please note, in accordance with USA Rugby policy, any CIPP fees related to the transfer must be paid in advance and EGU will then provide reimbursement to the club for the EGU portion of the transfer fees.

College Player Transfer Procedure1. EGU clubs should provide a batch list for all college players transferring into the club. This list must be submitted to Lucy Zugschwert at USA Rugby Membership (
2. Following submission of list, a club rep must provide payment for transfers via credit card. This can be done by calling the Membership Office at USA Rugby (303.539.0300)

3. For reimbursement from EGU, each club must supply a complete list of college transfers (including name, CIPP# and documentation of payment to USA Rugby). List and documentation should be sent to

4. Following review, EGU will then reimburse the club for the total cost incurred for said transfers. 

Note: Should a college player decide to handle the transfer process individually, the EGU-member club can include them on the list for reimbursement, but would need to reimburse the player directly.